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Culture Kings Southport Special Event!

Culture Kings Southport Special Event!

This Saturday 21st March, the longest standing Culture Kings store is hosting a special day to give back to our loyal supporters who have been with us since day 1. With CK headquarters not too far away holding so many amazing pieces of apparel and footwear from the years that have treated us well, we've gone through and hand-picked a special range for the day. We also have a selection of damaged box footwear that we've brought to the surface to reward the CK faithful.

Now we can't give too much away but I can say that you do not want to miss this unprecedented event.

The CK basketball hoop will be out with the opportunity to make a shot for prizes. A special DJ line up for the day, a licence to give out mixes and other give aways. This is something that cannot be missed

Tip off at 10am!

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