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Everything You Need To Know About CK Holy Grails

Everything You Need To Know About CK Holy Grails

At Culture Kings, we are known for making your in-store experience just that - an experience. Instead of simply making a purchase and leaving, every Culture Kings store has live DJs spinning tracks, world-class barbers cutting away in the barbershop, and a bunch of games for you to play while doing some shopping which makes Culture Kings the place to be. 

The CK Holy Grail is a key master machine containing rare and exclusive sneakers as well as official Not For Sale Culture Kings merchandise and special releases. This Holy Grail is just as the name suggests, the holy grail of all things you want. Right now on offer are Yeezys, Supreme Jordans and so much more. 

Want to win? It's simple! Spend $100 or more in store and receive a Culture Kings Gold Token which can be used for multiple activities and experiences including playing the machine. 

Culture Kings Holy Grails

There is a CK Holy Grail machine installed in every Culture Kings, so find your closest store and win some collectables this weekend!




Check out some of our Holy Grail winners below. 


 Hit up your local Culture Kings right now to win big!

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