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How To Style Camo 940 A-Frames

How To Style Camo 940 A-Frames

The New Era 940 A-Frame has been restocked in a fan-favourite colourway: camo. However, camo can be seen as tricky to style, which is where we come in - it's easier than you think! These dope caps boast muted tones, meaning they are perfect to mix and match with any coloured outfit. 

940 A-Frames

Choose muted colours and simple designs rather than anything too bright or patterned and you can't go wrong when styling this dope hat. Try some wheat long-sleeve tees for ultimate winter layering with some black jeans from Carré. As long as you keep it simple, the hat will always stand out as your key outfit piece. 

940 A-Frames

Head into Culture Kings in-stores or online to cop your camo 940 A-Frame now!

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