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James Harden Discusses His Deal With adidas

James Harden Discusses His Deal With adidas

Houston Rockets’ own James Harden has embraced his new 13-year, $200 million relationship with adidas and plans to help take the three stripes in the right direction. “The Beard” also plans to influence adidas’s apparel and footwear departments with his own personal taste when it comes to on-court performance models and off-court casual style. In a recent interview with Nice Kicks, Harden sat down to discuss topics such as what attracted him to the brand and previous adidas members such as Tracy McGrady, Kobe Bryant Run-D.M.C. and more. View some of the many silhouettes that the man was hooked up with in the epic video for his official welcome to the three stripe crew in stores or online with the full adidas range.

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