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Since the early 1960’s the world has been fascinated with the artistic fashion known as Tie Dye. As it swept across the globe with the likes of Jimmy Hendrix fronting the movement, people everywhere caught on with an eagerness to snub Western aesthetics in favour of something more unifying. From there, Tie Dye has since exploded into an everyday streetwear essential for all walks of life, from high fashion to the infamous Sunday Sesh and summer festivals. Tie Dye has since infiltrated everything from tees to shorts, headwear, music merch, hoodies and everything else in between.

An extensive collection stacked with big names, cop merch from Black Pyramid, Carré, Goat Crew, Criminal Damage and more, each bringing a unique style to the table. Take your pick of acid wash, traditional dyeing techniques, reverse tie dye, patterned and a dozen others. Whether you're looking for winter wear, summer apparel or something in between, we've got it stocked in the Culture Kings collection.


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