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Camo Inset Capone 11 Black/camo is Sold Out

Camo Inset Capone 11 Black/camo
Camo Inset Capone 11 Black/camo
Camo Inset Capone 11 Black/camo
Camo Inset Capone 11 Black/camo

Camo Inset Capone 11 Black/camo

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Carre Rose Panel Inset Capone Tee Black/Camo

Carré is the Parisian streetwear powerhouse who are the changing face of street fashion having launched street trends on a global scale.

Their game changing innovation and execution of the droptail, capone and scission tee have taken street fashion to an unprecedented level. Their impeccable standards for quality fabric, cut and fit coupled with their fashion forward edgy designs and prints have made Carré garments a must have core staple for any street style wardrobe.

With their bevy of urban followers Carré are certain to continue to evolve and reinterpret what street fashion is. Carré are street-style makers not fakers. Keep on their latest innovations as Culture Kings is the first store globally to launch any new releases.

The Carré Rose Panel Inset Capone Tee features:
- Gold YKK zip details.
- Camouflage inset behind side zips
- Super-soft combed cotton construction
- An elongated fit which, while being long, remains tapered and slim through the shoulders and arms offering an unmatched fit for any body type!
- A slightly shorter sleeve that accentuates the tapering throughout the shoulders and into the arms.

The high quality fabric used allows for superior drape and fit which has earned this brand a worldwide following for its unique t-shirts.

•100% Cotton

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