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Coven Hoodie Black is Sold Out

Coven Hoodie Black
Coven Hoodie Black
Coven Hoodie Black
Coven Hoodie Black

Coven Hoodie Black

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Saint Morta Coven Hoodie Black

Morta, the Goddess of Death, cuts the thread of life. She is our single greatest motivator. Without Death we would wander on aimlessly, but she brings time, brings importance and brings change. Saint Morta heralds the death of old ways, welcoming a new dawn. It is the red carpet between the concrete of streetwear and the runways of high fashion. It’s the quality you can feel, the precision you can see and the craftsmanship you can appreciate breathing life into each stitch. It’s the passion in a garment that gives us an identity.

Saint Morta have changed the game with their brand new release of the Coven Hoodie. Featuring all of Saint Morta's usual elegant style points and as always being super comfortable, this hoodie also features a very unique centre chest zip with enclosed pocket so you are ready to conceal whatever it is that you feel you need to from prying eyes. Saint Morta is exclusive to Culture Kings in Australia so be sure to get your hands on one of these hoodies today as they are guaranteed to be a hot item and sell out in no time.

- Saint Morta's classic look and feel
- Second to none craftsmanship
- Unique and game changing centre chest zip pocket

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