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88 Tee Black is Sold Out

88 Tee Black
88 Tee Black
88 Tee Black

88 Tee Black

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The Hundreds 88 Tee Black

As most brand loyalists know, Back to the Future is Bobby Hundreds’ favorite movie of all time (He even drives a DeLorean). Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the time-travelling, coming-of-age story led to Bobby’s lifelong obsession with time and timelessness, impacting his brand from retail buildouts to T-shirt graphics. Between Back to the Future and The Hundreds, the parallels of California culture, adolescence, ‘80s-‘90s nostalgia, skateboarding, sneakers, and rock and roll have resonated through the generations. At its core, Back to the Future’s masterful storytelling has been the secret sauce, an art that also anchors The Hundreds, where “Everything begins with a story.”

These are extremely exclusive pieces that, once sold out, won’t be available again. Be sure to secure yours and become a part of history and head Back to the Future!

The 88 Tee from The Hundreds is a must have form this brand new collaboration. Featuring classic prints that take you right back to the late 80’s with the DeLorean on the front and the Time/Date selection panel on the back. If you are a fan of the movies then this is the shirt for you.

-100% Cotton
-Regular cut and print
-Large front print
-Large back print
-Limited numbers

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