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Ben Simmons & Kendall Jenner Split?!

Ben Simmons & Kendall Jenner Split?!

It appears that Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner's relationship was nothing more than a summer fling that's now "cooled off", according to E!. Apparently, they are still "texting" but Kendall is also "spending time with other people".
The rumours of a split come as Kendall has been spotted "cozying up" to Bella and Gigi Hadid's brother Anwar (for the second time this year), and they were "going down a carnival slide together" at the Malibu festival.Β 
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A source has told E! that Kendall "always wanted to keep her options open. She likes Ben but she knew it was more of a summer fling. They both have busy careers and it is what it is. Kendall isn't looking for anything serious. She had fun with Ben, but wasn't ever fully committed or looking for a long-term, exclusive relationship."
There you have it, folks. Love is dead.Β 

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