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College Student Slipped Into Michael B Jordan's DMs And IT WORKED 😱

College Student Slipped Into Michael B Jordan's DMs And IT WORKED 😱

When news broke that a junior at Temple University slipped into Michael B Jordan's DMs, we honestly could not believe it. Is it really that easy?! Sylvia Wilson, a 21-year-old student from Philadelphia, heard that the 'Black Panther' star was at her university on the set of 'Creed II' and decided to shoot her shot. 

Next thing you know, the actor is taking photos with Sylvia and her friends. 

Since tweeting out the amazing success of her smoothie DM, the post has gained over 20K retweets and 100K likes. Twitter users absolutely blew up over the photo, and people are now referring to shooting their shot through Instagram DMs as "pulling a Sylvia". People even started to DM Michael to let him know they loved him and Sylvia together. 

We don't really understand what forces were at play, but we have to give a standing ovation to Sylvia for doing what all girls wish they could - getting a hug from Michael B Jordan.  

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