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MF DOOM & Madlib Have 4 Unreleased Albums?!

MF DOOM & Madlib Have 4 Unreleased Albums?!

 In an interview published on Monday, iconic rapper MF DOOM gave fans something to be excited about - the 'Madvillainy' series with Madlib might continue. 

He said: "Since then, we’ve recorded a lot more stuff. There’s a few of them we could put out as whole albums. I’m just looking for the right time. It’s hard to choose a time, as far as the manufacturing side, and the business side. Once that’s all out of the way, people will hear more of it. It’s a ton of stuff that we got."

“I write rhymes and shit to get money. Other than that I don’t listen to hip-hop music,” DOOM said. “I only do this for the simple fact of points-per-rhyme, the point game. It seems to be a profitable thing these days, and nobody else is really paying attention to it. You can be about your points, and if nobody else can do it, you can get some change off that joint, because you’re the only one doing it like that. That’s what I get out of the rhyming.”

Since 'Madvillainy' was released in 2004, the project has become one of the biggest achievements for both artists and is widely regarded as one of the best albums of all time.

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