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Montell2099 Droppin' Hunnids With 21 Savage

Montell2099 Droppin' Hunnids With 21 Savage

New Zealand beatmaker, Montell2099 has teamed up with Atlanta-based rapper 21 Savage for his recent release, 'Hunnid On The Drop'.

Montell2099 has recently embarked on a rapid rise to fame since being picked up by Red Bull Sound Select, giving him the opportunity to work with 21 Savage. Red Bull Sound Select is a global accelerator and platform for music artists. It is a programme that aims to support artists by collaborating on ambitious projects and ideas.

"It was through Red Bull Sound Select," explains Montell2099.

"I just had to make a list of artists I would have been keen to work with and 21 was on the list. He got back to us and he was keen to collaborate so I got flown out to LA and got to meet him."

Montell2099 said that working with 21 was easy because they clicked from the start.

"We met up at this studio and made the track. He was sort of similar to me. I’m a little bit shy and stuff and he was sort of the same."

'Hunnid On The Drop' features Montell2099's warped drum programming and haunted melody that sets up 21 Savage who delivers evocative verses that cement his status as one of the most explosive new rappers.

Montell2099 describes his musical style as experimental but it's largely influenced from his musical upbringing.

"I’m a bit all over the place with music; I tend to get bored quite easily so I just try and make different genres. But for the most part it’s just kind of experimental.

"I just found it quite easy to do musical stuff and I think it was from my upbringing. It’s definitely helped a lot and just made it a lot easier I think."

Red Bull Sound Select has opened up a lot of opportunities for Montell2099 and he's making plans to release an EP and move to the U.S to further his music career.

"I’m working on a new EP so I’m hoping to have that out by the end of the year."

Listen to 'Hunnid On The Drop' by Montell2099 and 21 Savage above and check out our range of 21 Savage Goat Crew apparel online and in stores at Culture Kings.

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