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Sad Kanye Set To Rock Splendour In The Grass 2017

Sad Kanye Set To Rock Splendour In The Grass 2017

Kanye West will be making an appearance at Splendour In The Grass 2017 in the form of a ten-metre high, inflatable, sad Kanye West head.

sad kanye
Image: Northern Star

Kanye fans will be able to interact with the sculpture with the creators having implied that you'll be able to feed him until he's happy.

The group responsible for what they're calling 'Sad Kanye' are a Barcelona-based art group called Hungry Castle featuring Dave Glass.

"After pondering why Kanye always has such a resting bitch-face, they want the public's help to cheer him up," said the arts line-up announcement for Splendour 2017.

The artists are teasing festival-goers with the idea of being able to interact with the sculpture. "What can you put inside Sad Kanye to make him happy?" they said.

Many fans and non-fans are criticising the piece, however, claiming that it ridicules mental illness. Kanye had a rough 2016 and is said to have experienced a temporary psychosis. The 'Sad Kanye' display only makes a mockery of Kanye and his struggle with mental health. 


The creators, Hungry Castle, are also responsible for Mr Poopie at SITG 2016 and the Nicholas Cage In A Cage in 2015. 

Make sure you're ready for Splendour by checking this out.

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