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6ix9ine Might Actually Go To Jail?!

6ix9ine Might Actually Go To Jail?!

6ix9ine has missed yet another court date and he will receive no more free passes.

“Counselor, if your client is not here on Tuesday, [there’ll be] a bench warrant,” Judge Edwin Novillo told 6ix9ine’s legal team, Page Six reported. This is the second court hearing he has missed on charges of assaulting a police officer. 

The incident occurred back in May, when the rapper was arrested for driving without a license in Brooklyn. While being handcuffed, 6ix9ine allegedly squeezed a lieutenant’s hand so tight that it became swollen. He was subsequently charged with a misdemeanour.

“The defendant was in Dubai, was in the Netherlands, and is trying to come back today,” 6ix9ine’s lawyer told the judge.

“All that [means] is he should have booked a flight a day early,” a prosecutor responded.

6ix9ine’s next court appearance is scheduled for Tuesday, October 16th.

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