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Oversized Tees

Boxy cuts and graphics that pop, Oversized Tees are a whole flex.

Born from the baggy clothes shift that became a trend in the late 80’s by celebrated rappers like MC Hammer - What used to be seen as “Ghetto Fabulous” is now considered “high” streetwear thanks to hip hop and rap’s modern peers like A$AP Rocky. And thanks to their R&B female counterparts like TLC and Aaliyah who in the 90’s showed the world that clothes don't have to be tight to be sexy. Short sleeve tees get you looking simultaneously both designer and authentically street. 

Oversized White T-Shirt

From the music industry to the major sports leagues, motorculture to film and television, old school cartoons to cult classics, you name it - everybody wants a slice. 

Seriously versatile, like Kanye West’s notorious "hip-hop T-shirt" - AKA a plain white oversized tee. These getups can be paired with baggy jeans or cargo pants so you can freestyle your fits whilst keeping it effortlessly 100.

Cop a premium vintage oversized tee from LOITER, made from only the highest quality cotton but designed to look worn in and stolen from the past. Or get that hit of nostalgia from collabs like our American Thrift X Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for those cool kids on the block.

With state-of-the art pieces like the World Exclusive Tournee Oversized Short Sleeve Tee from Carré, or the Motorsport graphic tees from SUMMER SMASH. Wear your identity through cloth whether you’re a hardcore Lakers or Bulls fan, represent with MITCHELL & NESS and their NBA oversized tees. Wear your niche whilst looking laid back and lit.

Shop Oversized T-Shirts at Culture Kings

Drop wordless bars and silent rhythms with our curated collection that slaps - because let’s be honest, nothing says street like Oversized Tee’s. From mock necks that give that superior touch to panel sleeves that are a whole vibe, we’ve got you.

Shop Oversized Tees at Culture Kings and take it to the streets with Free US standard shipping with over $100 purchases.

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