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A Complete History Of The Dab

A Complete History Of The Dab

Dabbing is, no doubt about it, one of the defining factors of our time. Years from now when our children ask what was popular when we were in our prime, we're going to have to explain what a dab is and why it's so endlessly amusing to us. From dance move to meme, let's discuss the dab. 

Originating from the hip-hop scene in Atlanta, the dab became mainstream popular after some professional football players adopted it as a celebratory gesture during games in August 2015. In terms of who actually invented the dab, there is an argument between Migos, OG Maco, Skippa Da Flippa and Rich The Kid. According to them, the move had been around since 2013 but didn't become popular until 2015. 

Since rising to fame, hip-hop artists began to adopt the dab live and in music videos including Future, Rich the Kid and Metro Boomin. In October, Jay-Z dabbed at a Tidal concert, and in December 2 Chainz sold 'Dabbin Santa' sweaters which made almost $2million by the year's end. 

The dab didn't stop in 2015 however, and it's now widely recognised as the move to do when something is good, or bad, or anything really. Remember Rihanna dabbing when Drake told her he loved her at the 2016 VMA's? Mood. 

The dab has become an iconic part of our popular culture, with these kinds of vines becoming hugely popular based off not a lot. The sheer casual nature of this dab speaks to many. 

By m mid-September of 2015, the dab had become cemented in the sporting world as a celebratory move.  This began with Jeremy Hill dabbing on the field during the game against the Oakland Raiders on September 13th. Later on,  Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers and D’Angelo Russell of the Los Angeles Lakers all tried their hand - or should we say arm - at the dab. In January 2016, the meme moved to Europe and the European football league.

This is all completely useless knowledge but will make you a hit at parties! Probably. 

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