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A$AP Rocky And Idris Elba Are Collaborating?!

A$AP Rocky And Idris Elba Are Collaborating?!

Hollywood heavyweight Idris Elba has revealed in an interview with Beats 1 that him and A$AP Rocky are down to collaborate on music or movies. 

"Yeah, ASAP and I, we share a mutual friend, Hector Delgado, who is his engineer and producer," Elba said. "I love ASAP, he's a good soul. And every time we meet each other we're like, 'Let's work.' Not necessarily music. He wants to act, he does act, I want to do music. So we just collaborate and we nearly made it happen . . . It hasn't happened. Skepta is a good friend also, and they connect. So we're just in a circle where there's a possibility."

When asked if a collab was possible he said "of course..There's no 'nos' in this game," he said. "I think what's happening with artists [is] people are reaching out in different genres and going, 'Hey.'"

Check out the full interview below!

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