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Aywy Talks Boiler Room X Budweiser And Background

Aywy Talks Boiler Room X Budweiser And Background

We caught up with Sydney producer Aywy the morning after his set for Budweiser X Boiler Room 'Discover What's Brewing' to find out exactly what went down and he also got talking about his musical upbringing and how he ended up where he is now.

In case you're unfamiliar, Boiler Room televises underground music as it happens from around the world to a massive online community. By doing so, Boiler Room create windows into scenes and sounds from every corner of the globe, connecting millions of music heads with the specific music they love. 

Their recent collaboration with Budweiser has taken place in Mumbai, Miami and Shanghai and more and has also shined the spotlight on Sydney's burgeoning electronic music scene with their global music discovery series, Budweiser x Boiler Room 'Discover What’s Brewing'.

The debut Sydney Boiler Room X Budweiser event saw Aywy included on the lineup with Los Angeles producer TOKiMONSTA, fellow Californian Machinedrum and another Sydney local duo, BV.

Aywy, otherwise known as Ananthur Nair is also the co-founder of Soundcloud-based record label Flow-Fi and has spread his swinging, bass-heavy compositions across the globe. A self-starter with an official remix for Goldlink and a co-signed Maxwell edit under his belt, Aywy was stoked to be a part of Boiler Room X Budweiser 'Discover What's Brewing'.

"I’ve been wanting to play Boiler Room for four years and it finally happened," he said.

Aywy went into his set surprisingly unprepared but ready to play a set determined by the crowd.

"I just kinda went on the fly. I did a DJ set featuring a bunch of songs that I’ve made and some of my favourite music and just put it all in the set and got the room jumping."

This is Aywy's usual style. Although he spends time honing his skills, he says he prefers to just go with it. When asked what his highlight was from the overall performance at 'Discover What's Brewing', Aywy was pretty much lost for words, calling the entire night a highlight from start to finish.

"It was crazy just being up there. Just having people on stage; your friends and family and everyone there just all turning up and having a good time. The whole thing was really fun.

"The fact that I didn’t prepare anything and just went with the flow just gave everyone an insight into my mind and what music I like. So I guess I don’t really have a particular highlight; the whole thing was pretty sweet."

Aywy grew up with musical parents that had a hand in exposing him to different styles of music.  

"My dad played Tabla, an Indian percussive instrument, and he played a lot of percussion instruments his entire life and my mum sings a lot... So I was raised in that type of environment and they’d always listen to different types of music and put me onto different styles and it just grew from there."

For Aywy, it was electronic that he was really interested in and that only really took off for him when he discovered he was on the wrong path.

"I’ve always been making beats since I was young. But it only really kicked in after I realized I didn’t want to go through with what I was doing at uni and I just decided to keep making music and get a bit more into it and take it a tiny bit more seriously and start to really define my sound," he says.

Right now, Aywy is still on a high since Boiler Room X Budweiser 'Disocover What's Brewing' but is also working on getting some new music out.

"I’m working on a lot of music and I’m going to put out something next month. It’s a dual project that incorporates a lot of my background - South Indian - so I’m putting in a lot of Indian samples ... but it’s exciting and I can’t wait to share it."

The next Budweiser X Boiler Room event is going down in Toronto, 18 August. You can see all Boiler Room live sets on their Facebook page.

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