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Birdman Announces Cash Money West

Birdman Announces Cash Money West

Birdman has announced the launch Cash Money West and has signed Long Beach native Saviii 3rd. 

Without Lil Wayne or Drake, if the rumours that he is leaving the label are to be trusted, Cash Money need to have a backup plan to keep their business going, as Nicki Minaj would be the only major rapper left. The introduction of a Western branch of Cash Money may be the move to ensure their longevity. 


Thugginn @saviii3rd @wack100 #CMW #dropping💼 #kingofhiphop👑 @birdman5star

A post shared by Birdman5star (@birdman5star) on


For now, Drake is still with Cash Money, so check out all our Drake news here. 

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