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Cardi B Is Having A Baby Girl & Has Settled Beef With Nicki Minaj 🙌

Cardi B Is Having A Baby Girl & Has Settled Beef With Nicki Minaj 🙌

Rapper Cardi B, everyone's hero since her incredible Met Gala 2018 get up, has been interviewed by Howard Stern and talked all things Nicki Minaj and her baby. 

On Nicki, Cardi said, "There was a misunderstanding. I think she felt some type of way about something. I definitely felt some type of way about something," she explained. "I spoke to her in the Met Gala about it. And it's just like, see, it was just something that had to be talked about. Because, like, it was an issue."

Although it was speculated that the feud was about the 'Motorsport' collaboration with Migos and how Cardi wasn't showing 'genuine love', Cardi said, "the issue was something that the press didn't know. Because I don't like talking. I'm not going to talk about it. But I really felt a certain type of way, my feelings was really hurt, and I was just on some, you know what, that's why I just keep to myself, that's why I cannot fuck with nobody and everything."

Cardi announced that the gender of her baby is a girl and that although they have a name picked out, she said, "you know what, I didn't pick the name so if you interview my dude [Offset], he'll tell you."

In terms of the wedding to Offset, she mentioned that it would be "around next spring we're planning our wedding, but it has to be planned out to the point where it's no worries. No 'Oh, I have to go do a show,' he has to go do a show. People that don't have this job wouldn't understand...it's hard to plan a wedding right now. When I get married...I need two weeks off, and he needs two weeks off." 

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Header image sourced from Billboard.com

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