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Carré Victor World Cup Capsule Is Coming..

Carré Victor World Cup Capsule Is Coming..

The Football world cup is coming up and Carré has you sorted with a merch range that is extra killer. Carré is providing a range of jerseys, tees, a cap and scarf for all your fan needs tomorrow. 

The jersey is based on the French 98' World Cup jersey, as the 1998 World Cup was also held in France. The jersey also features two number prints - 98 on the back to tie back to the 98' world cup and also #1, as the French Team won the world cup in 98.

Carre Victor

The embroidery logos are made up - stars on international soccer jerseys represent a team that has won a world cup, so the star above the logo symbolises France's one and only world cup win.

The inclusion of a scarf represents their iconic nature within football supporter culture.

Carre Victor

Sign up to the Culture Kings Releases Page to cop a notification tomorrow when this fire capsule drops!

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