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Live DJs Spinning In CK Stores

Live DJs Spinning In CK Stores

Culture Kings is a store like no other. One of the biggest factors that makes it so unique is something that is exclusive to our retail experience - an in-house DJ. Culture Kings has Australia's leading DJs perform daily to create an electrifying atmosphere. Within each store, there is a constant rotation of DJs who are exceptional on the decks and will always spin the freshest tunes. 

In all our Culture Kings stores, music is worshipped and our DJs are always on the lookout for new ways to mix songs and make an absolute banger. All day every day there is a DJ playing in all of our stores and the permanent DJ booth has become an integral part of Culture Kings' atmosphere. 

Find your local Culture Kings and head in store now to watch some of the best DJs in town hit the decks. 

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