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Denim Breakdown: Carré Femé Jean

Denim Breakdown: Carré Femé Jean

We've already established that skinny jeans are here to stay and they're not just seen on the legs of indie-musicians with pointy shoes or emotional teenagers with a lot of hair anymore, they're much more prevalent and wearable.

Skinny jeans have become more universal and versatile and have become a staple piece of 20th century fashion. 

If you're looking for a top-quality skinny jean that ticks all the boxes, look no further than the Carré Femé jean.

Carré Fermé Jean

This jean has a slim fit through the hips and thighs but isn't as tight as a super-skinny jean.

It tapers down through the knees and down to the ankles for a firm and comfortable skinny-jean fit.

Available in three wearable colours: flat blue, dark blue and black, the Femé jean can be styled with just about anything but is best with a looser, boxier top to balance out the firmness of the jeans.

The Femé jean also features embossed Carré buttons and rivets and Carré logo embroidery on the waistband and front left pocket.

Carré Fermé Jean

Signature Carré detailing carries through to the back pockets with a Carré woven label on the right pocket and square stitching on the left pocket.

Carré's Femé jean is for those who like a snug fit but with a little room to move.

Roll, cuff or just wear it straight, the Femé jean can be dressed up or down and will go well with high or low cut shoes.

Add a pair of Carré Femé jeans to your wardrobe by shopping online and in stores now at Culture Kings. 

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