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Everything We Know About Drake's Upcoming Album

Everything We Know About Drake's Upcoming Album

Drizzy has kept us waiting since March last year for another banger of an album. His upcoming album 'Scorpion' is set to be released next month so we've compiled everything we know about it. 

Drake's close friend Preme, who was the first person to review 'Scorpion', wrote:  "And just know. That Scorpion album. Holy f*ck," he wrote. "You should never have pissed Champagne off."

We don't know exactly how many songs will be on 'Scorpion' but we know of a few of his releases that may make the cut. 'God's Plan', 'Diplomatic Immunity' and 'Signs' are all thought to make it, as well as the unreleased songs 'Pistols' and 'Showin Off' that leaked online last year. Drizzy revealed during an Instagram live that he has a new single coming with producer Murda Beatz, which also may appear on 'Scorpion'. Just this month, Drake teased a song with Lil Baby which is hotly contensted to be featured on the album. 

The final track of 'More Life' claimed that "I'll be back in 2018 to give you the summary" and he has announced with a pic that it will be here in June this year. However,  Drake appeared on Instagram Live to tell fans that he is physically exhausted from the time spent on the album, so it's possible that the album may be delayed. 

Grammy Award-winning producer Noah "40" Shebib has been confirmed to be producing the album in April this year. Drake's manager and OVO co-founder Oliver El-Khatib will be the executive producers. OVO Noel has also been present in Drizzy's behind the scenes snaps on Instagram while the album is being made and is known for being Drake's exclusive engineer. 

In April 2018, 40 revealed that he was in the mixing stages of 'Scorpion'. 


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