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Maharishi Collaborate With G-Shock For A Brand New Mudmaster

Maharishi Collaborate With G-Shock For A Brand New Mudmaster

Maharishi have once again teamed up with Casio's G-Shock to bring you their third release collaboration model. 

The result is a new take on G-Shock's Mudmaster (GWG- 1000). 

In comparison to the previous Maharishi and G-Shock collaboration, DPM: Lumar Bonsai, the new Mudmaster model maintains Maharishi's signature camouflage look while introducing a cleaner and more sophisticated timepiece. 

The band design is inspired by the new DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) British Bonsai Forest Jungle Camouflage pattern, which is Maharishi's collection theme for 2016.

With an all black bezel and buttons and dark green lettering, this unique Mudmaster features an accented orange index with orange lined hour markers, seconds hand and small dial elements. 

The new Mudmaster has been designed with the toughest environments in mind. The heavy duty construction can resist mud and vibration in harsh environments and heavy duty operations. 

Featuring Triple Sensor, accurate altimetre/barometre and temperature readings are displayed, along with a compass for assessment in natural conditions.

Better yet, the new G-Shock x Maharishi Mudmaster comes with a limited edition G-Shock x Maharishi promo Tee when you order online now at Culture Kings.  


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