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Get Set For Jewel-Toned 9Forty A-Frames

Get Set For Jewel-Toned 9Forty A-Frames

9am AEST, 30th November it's time for both guys and gals to inject some royal colour into their wardrobe with the latest instalment of the classic 9Forty A-Frame silhouette from New Era,Β  developed exclusively by our in-house team of designers at Culture Kings. This exclusive fit features a custom construction, designed down to the millimetre, presenting a slightly higher crown that creates a deeper more comfortable fit.

Built using only the highest quality cotton twill fabric to ensure durability & comfort without substituting style. After hours of research and development, Culture Kings is proud to present the CK 9FORTY A-Frame range giving you the best fitting hat in the world.Β 

Choose your top MLB, NBA or NBL team and rep them in style.Β 

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