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How To Style The New Carré Lignes Capsule

How To Style The New Carré Lignes Capsule

The brand new heat that is the Carré Lignes capsule dropped yesterday and it features some absolutely dope fits. Some of the pieces may be a bit more colourful than your usual winter attire, so you may be wondering how best to style these threads so that you look boss. Don't worry - we've got you covered. 

The key with styling heat like this is to make sure you're matching the colours with similar tones. As you can see below, with something so bright and featuring red, your best bet is to play off that and have hints of red throughout your outfit to bring the look together. 

When it comes to a statement tee like this camo one, go for simplicity elsewhere and match it with plain blacks. 

Again here a bright blue and red jacket is echoed with light wash jeans and a red and white tee to make it work as part of an outfit and not as a stand-alone piece. 

Check out this dope range of killer fits by Carré:

Make sure you're heading to Culture Kings in-stores or online right now to cop this heat while stocks last!

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