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How To Style Coloured Tees

How To Style Coloured Tees

It's too easy to make your winter style monochromatic and plain and although this is a classic style, sometimes it's nice to throw a bit of colour in the mix to liven up your wardrobe. With something like coloured tees from Lower, you may be wondering how best to style something so bright, especially when the weather is dreary and sad. It's much easier than you think!


The key with styling anything bright and with a lot of colour is to keep all other parts of your outfit minimal - this includes everything from colour to texture and style. Keep to black, white and grey for the most part, but some colours can handle a wheat, camo or navy colourway - it just depends on the style of the tee. Layer your tee up with hats, beanies and jackets to stay warm, but make sure you aren't covering it up with a hoodie to hide its bright colour. 


Pick up the pictured Carré crimson tee or the Carré collier tee, or to keep things interesting grab a salmon coloured tee, a green or even a bright yellow to really liven things up!

Shop our tees collection both in-stores or online right now at Culture Kings to inject some warmth into your style. 

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