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How To Style The Latest Sik Silk Drop

How To Style The Latest Sik Silk Drop

Sik Silk has returned to Culture Kings with a bang with their latest drop of killer tees, hoodies, zip jackets and track pants. With such an iconic brand it may be difficult to know where to start when it comes to styling these pieces but it's easier than you think!

The key with Sik Silk is to keep up that elegant theme that comes with the branding. Make sure the rest of your outfit is simple and understated to let the design of Sik Silk be the hero of the fit. The whole idea of Sik Silk is simple design while also being dope. Just make sure your outfit reflects that and you can't go wrong.Β 

Sik Silk

Cop this exclusive Sik Silk heat at Culture Kings right nowΒ online.Β 

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