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Judge Dismisses 50 Cent vs Rick Ross Lawsuit

Judge Dismisses 50 Cent vs Rick Ross Lawsuit

Three years ago, 50 Cent filed a lawsuit against his nemesis Rick Ross for the use of the "In Da Club" beat on the 2015 Renzel Remixes project. Now, according to TMZ, the case has been dismissed in federal court meaning that it's not impossible for 50 to prevent Ross from using his track. 

"We will use every legal tool available to remedy what we allege is an unauthorized use of 50 Cent's name, identity, and trademark,” 50s lawyers told Complex. “50 Cent actively and generously collaborates with fellow hip-hop artists, but we maintain that this is a case of outright misappropriation. 50 Cent had absolutely nothing to do with Black Market or the mixtape that preceded it." 

The Judge ruled that 50 Cent does not own the copyright or master recordings for  'In Da Club' as it belongs to Shady/Aftermath Records. 

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