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Kanye Called Out For Copying Work... Again 🤦‍♀️

Kanye Called Out For Copying Work... Again 🤦‍♀️

Everyone's favourite controversial King, Kanye West, is under fire for copying another artist's work. According to Diet Prada - the Instagram account that exposes fashion's dirty laundry - the images used to promote Kanye's Yeezy 500 'Supermoon Yellow' line look extremely similar to a 2015 series of photographs by Rita Minissi, which “was inspired by dealing with personal trauma and a resulting desire to reconnect with her own body.”

As you can see below, the images are veeeeery similar. 


This isn't the first time Kanye has been accused of being a copycat. Yeezy was accused of copying Tony Spackman's sketches, an ex-Nike designer, however Kanye insisted a Yeezy employee gave him the sketches; the employee was subsequently fired and Spackman was praised by Kanye for his designs. 

Copycat or not, Kanye is back in the media, a place where he loves to be at the moment. In related news, read our review of his most recent album with Nas.

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