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Kanye Goes Off On Drake, Tyson Beckford & More

Kanye Goes Off On Drake, Tyson Beckford & More

Kanye has released a series of IG videos where he has spoken directly to the camera about his issues with Drake. After starting by calling out Nick Cannon, he started speaking about Drake and how he's upset Drizzy didn't say anything to the rumours that he slept with Kim Kardashian. 





After continuing his rant, hinting that maybe Drake's "KiKi" could even be referencing Kim, he told Drake "Don't speak on nobody from my family. Nothing that could be even mentioned with my wife, period. We don't have to talk again. I'm not giving no energy to that. But also, as far as Tyson Beckford, don't speak on my wife, bro . . . We in love, we a family."





After the rant, Kanye showed off some unreleased Yeezys during a studio sesh with Chance the Rapper

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