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This Is How You Kill The Polo Game

This Is How You Kill The Polo Game

Polo shirts made a massive comeback over the winter and the trend is still carrying through to spring and summer.

Two brands in particular who have stepped up their polo-shirt game are Carré and Last Kings. Both of these brands have long- and short-sleeved polo shirts now available in their ranges for a collared shirt to suit all occasions. 

Carré Polo

Although you might be rating the polo trend, sometimes it can be a bit hard to incorporate it into your usual streetwear wardrobe, but with these polos from streetwear giants, it's that much easier. Firstly, both short- and long-sleeve polos are great for layering which is why they made such a resurgence during the winter. Throw a long-sleeve tee under a short-sleeve polo, or a tall-tee under a long-sleeve polo for extra warmth and length; it's that simple.

Last Kings' Polo

Not only are polo shirts warmer than your average t-shirt, they're also a lot easier to dress up. If you're after more of a club-appropriate 'fit between a casual tee and a button-up, a polo is for you. With obvious ties to the OG Ralph Lauren polo shirt culture, English upper-class polo players and overall dapperness, a polo shirt in your wardrobe is guaranteed to make you feel all kinds of dope.

So add a polo shirt to your look today by copping online or in stores at Culture Kings.

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