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The Late Night Of All Late Nights: Win A Contiki Tour For Two

The Late Night Of All Late Nights: Win A Contiki Tour For Two

This Friday, all CK stores are working together to give away the biggest CK prize in history.

An Eastern Discovery Contiki Tour for two to the US is up for grabs in all Culture Kings stores across the country in both the Holy Grails and Sharp Shooter Challenge. There's only one prize available, however, so the first person who wins it, in whichever city, takes it home and game over.

The Contiki tour prize will be in the Holy Grails all day Friday and if it still hasn't been won, it will also be up for grabs on the Sharp Shooter Challenge in Melbourne from 6pm AEDT and Pacific Fair from 5pm AEST. 

To play and try your hand to win, you will need CK Tokens, and lucky for you, we'll be running double tokens all day on Friday in all stores. So for every $100 you spend you'll receive not one, but two CK Tokens!

To play the Holy Grails, you only need one CK Token but for the Sharp Shooter Challenge you will need five CK Tokens. Normally this would mean you would have to spend a minimum of $500 in store to cop five Tokens. This Friday, however you'll only need to spend $300 to get your hands on six Tokens which will give you access to the Sharp Shooter Challenge and one Holy Grail play.

Better yet, every Sharp Shooter participant that gets three successful shots, will take home an exclusive CK Not-For-Sale pool toy. To win the major prize and take home the Contiki Tour for two, however, you will need to sink 10 shots in a row. The Holy Grails have also been restocked with over 20 pairs of Yeezys nation wide and a whole range of new and exclusive CK Not-For-Sale gear.

If there was ever a time to test your luck on the Holy Grails or show you skills on the Sharp Shooter Challenge, this Friday is it!

So head into any CK store this Friday, 22 December and score double CK Tokens and compete to win a Contiki Eastern Discovery Tour for Two.

CK Sharp Shooter Challenge available in:
Culture Kings, Melbourne
Culture Kings, Pacific Fair

CK Holy Grails available in:
Culture Kings, Brisbane
Culture Kings, Sydney
Culture Kings, Perth
Culture Kings, Melbourne
Culture Kings, Pacific Fair
Culture Kings, Chadstone

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