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The Lowdown On LeBron's School

The Lowdown On LeBron's School

It was recently announced that Basketball sensation LeBron James, who recently made the move to the Lakers, has created a public school for at-risk students in his hometown of Arkon, Ohio. You may have heard rumblings of what the I Promise school is all about, so we're going to give you the lowdown of what LeBron's latest venture is all about. 

  • The public school is a collaboration between James' philanthropic foundation and Arkon Public Schools
  • There are 8 hours in the school day, a support circle for students after lunch to help them refocus, GED courses and job placements for parents
  • Students are selected from the area who trail their peers by a year or two (in academics). Right now the school is launching with 3rd and 4th graders but plans of expanding
  • Classrooms have 20 students/teacher and there will be 43 staff members, including four intervention specialists, a tutor, an ESL teacher, music teacher and gym teacher
  • Not only is there a long school day but a long school year from July - May
  • Students receive free breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks as well as access to a fitness trainer and a free bicycle


LeBron told ESPN: “Walking these hallways and seeing, when I was driving here, just the streets that I walked, some of the stores are still up when I was growing up. It’s a moment I’ll never forget — and hopefully the kids, starting with the 240 kids that we have going in here right now starting today, will never forget it, either.”

“It’s not a charter school, it’s not a private school, it’s a real-life school in my hometown. And this is pretty cool.”


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The impact of @KingJames’ school will go far beyond the classroom

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This whole project might very well be the best thing a celebrity has spent money on. It's not a strange crazy school, it's a normal, public school with tailor-made changes to enforce good behaviour and learning. 

Stay tuned for more on the I Promise school as it progresses throughout the school year. 

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