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How To Style The Mitchell & Ness Gold Swingman Collection

How To Style The Mitchell & Ness Gold Swingman Collection

Mitchell & Ness have just dropped a dope new collection that is causing waves - and it is now available at Culture Kings. No matter if you are an Iverson, Hardawat, Payton, Ewing or Pippen fan, you can choose your favourite and wear them with pride on your new basketball jersey. 

One of the best features of this collection is that the jerseys are completely gold and are super shiny. This may be a concern for some who are not sure how to wear it, but we're here to say it's easier than you think!

The key with these jerseys is to let them stand out on their own. Wear neutrals and basic pieces with these jerseys so that the gold becomes the focal point of your outfit. 

Make sure if you are wearing any jewelry or pieces of apparel with hardware that they are not silver or copper. It is important not to mix the metallic tones when wearing something as 'statement' as these jerseys or shorts. 

We know this collection won't last long so head into Culture Kings in-stores or online right now to cop yours!

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