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NBA Playoffs 2018 Dates & Times

NBA Playoffs 2018 Dates & Times

The 2018 NBA playoffs are continuing today with the start of the Western Conference finals between the Warriors and the Rockets. In the East, the Boston Celtics have taken a 1-0 series lead after 25-point win over the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 1.

NBA Playoff Schedule in AEST. 

GAME 1: Tuesday May 15 - 11am Warriors at Rockets
GAME 2: Wednesday May 16 - 10.30am Cavaliers at Celtics
GAME 2: Thursday May 17 - 11am Warriors at Rockets
GAME 3: Sunday May 20 -10.30am Celtics at Cavaliers
GAME 3: Monday May 21 - 10.00am Rockets at Warriors
GAME 4: Tuesday May 22 - 8.30pm Celtics at Cavaliers
GAME 4: Wednesday May 23 - 11.00am Rockets at Warriors
GAME 5 (if necessary): Thursday May 24 -10.30am Cavaliers at Celtics
GAME 5 (if necessary): Friday May 25 -11.00am Warriors at Rockets
GAME 6 (if necessary): Saturday May 26 - 10.30am Celtics at Cavaliers
GAME 6 (if necessary): Sunday May 27 -11.00am Rockets at Warriors
GAME 7 (if necessary): Monday May 28 - 10.30am Cavaliers at Celtics
GAME 7 (if necessary): Tuesday May 29 - 11.00am Warriors at Rockets





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