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New Goat Crew Headwear

New Goat Crew Headwear

Goat Crew are quickly expanding their already impressive headwear line with a bunch of new arrivals including the popular Pablo Bear Strapback in pink, Dedchance Strapback and Savage Strapback.

New editions are constantly being released with Goat Crew's original hip hop and pop culture references splashed on the front of their precurved strapbacks offering a curved brim while maintaining their unstructured crown for a loose style and fit.

The new Dedchance Strapback features a Goat Crew original graphic of a dead, zombified Chance The Rapper not seen anywhere else.

Goat Crew Strapbacks

The new Savage Strapback has a mini 21 Savage head on the front while the Pablo Bear makes a comeback on a pink Strapback. 

Goat Crew Strapbacks

Heaps of other also new Goat Crew Strapbacks have recently dropped including the Faux News Strapback depicting Fox News branding referencing the fake news phenomenon and the Escobart Strapback featuring the Pablo Escobar version of Bart Simpson. 

Check out the full range of Goat Crew headwear at Culture Kings online and in stores.

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