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Nike Air Mag Is Going On Tour

Nike Air Mag Is Going On Tour

It's been said before, the Nike Air Mag is the holiest of all grails in the sneaker world. 

Now, the 2011 Nike Air Mag is available in Culture Kings' Holy Grail key master machines this week only as part of the CK Holy Grail Tour

The shoes first made an appearance in 1989 in Robert Zemeckis sci-fi hit 'Back To The Future' worn by Michael J. Fox's character Marty McFly. Since then, we longed for the day they would be recreated by Nike. 

It wasn't a reality until brothers Mickey and Charles Maloof started a petition to influence Nike to do just that. 

By 2006 the construction had begun and a realistic model of the futuristic silhouette with similar features seen on the movie was officially released 8 September, 2011.

Only 1,500 pairs were ever released and nike auctioned off the highly coveted sneaker with all proceeds going towards the Michael J. Fox Foundation to find a cure for Parkinson's Disease.

Nike Air Mags have become an aspired addition to any sneakerhead's collection and are usually only available via resell. 

These highly desired sneakers will now be available to win in Culture Kings' stores in the Holy Grail machine in each stop of the Holy Grail Tour.

There is only one pair to win and they'll be taken to each city on the tour until they're won so get in sooner rather than later before they're snatched up.

16 Feb - Pacific Fair, Gold Coast 
21 Feb - Sydney
22 Feb - Perth
23 Feb - Melbourne
24 Feb - Brisbane

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