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'Scorpion' By Drake Review

'Scorpion' By Drake Review

Now that we've had the weekend to digest the album that is Drake's 'Scorpion', there is no better time to review the project. The double album features 25 tracks with a rap side and an R&B side and, perhaps most interestingly, confirms the existence of a son which before the album was only speculation.

This album is textbook Drake; vulnerable, telling the haters to back off, introspection. Although some of the songs on the album are definite bangers, the content is so dragged in Drake's personal thoughts that the 25 songs seem longer than they are. We get it, Drake has a lot to say, especially regarding the beef with Pusha T that led him to finally address the existence of his son publically, but the sound of the album seems to try to please both his rap fans and pop fans and sort of fails at both.

Drake is the King of a very unexplored world; a hybrid between pop and rap. With a bunch of collaborations including women, the sampling of singers such as Mariah Carey and unreleased recordings from Michael Jackson and Static Major, you'd think he'd be onto a winning formula, however, the album sounds so much like his old stuff just a bit more... sappy. 

This isn't to say the album is bad. On the contrary, it's exactly what you expect when you think of a Drake album. It just was sort of assumed after the drop of the music video for 'I'm Upset', featuring the cast of Degrassi that the rest of the album would follow suit and be an innovative project.

The album, although having been worked on for over a year, is primarily about a struggle with the beef with Pusha. We are all over that drama and expected more from Drake, so I think this is the reason so many fans have been left with a bit of a Drizzy shaped hole in their hearts. 

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