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'Stir It Up' In Our Official Bob Marley Merch

'Stir It Up' In Our Official Bob Marley Merch

The Kush King is heading to CK, ready to smoke the competition with this range of official Kaya merchandise. Get ready to feel the high at 6pm CDT, Thursday 9th August when this collection of tees, long sleeves and hoodies lands at Culture Kings. Get your green on and choose from the following pieces:

  • Kaya Smoke SS Tee
  • Kaya Rainbow SS Tee
  • Dance SS Tee
  • I Feel So High SS Tee Tie-Dye
  • Dance LS Tee
  • Lyrics LS Tee
  • Leafs LS Tee
  • Sand Hoodie
  • Leafs Hoodie Black

This drop is gonna go off, so sign up to the Culture Kings Releases Page to cop a notification the second this range drops so you can beat the crowd and head into Culture Kings online to get some pieces for yourself. 

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