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Style Files: Dad Hats

Style Files: Dad Hats

The Dad Hat is a special thing, an item that is not only unstructured in its construction, but also undefined as a style. Worn by many people young and old, big and small, rich and poor, the Dad Hat knows no boundaries. But yet the question still arises; what exactly is a Dat Hat, and what defines it?.

The Unstructured crown is the backbone of the Dad Hat, allowing it to be worn in many different positions on the head. High on the back, a little too low on the front or just bang in the middle, it doesn't matter when it comes to these hats. With a five to six panel construction from a cotton/twill fabric, the Dad Hat is made to be worn everywhere and every day, and over time, provide a great worn in look. And finally, the curved brim is a necessity as it not only adds style but also gives a point of structure to an otherwise unstructured piece.

Without doubt one of the hottest trends of the last 12 months, the Dad Hat shows no signs of slowing down. Providing style and comfort to anyone who chooses to don it, the Dad Hat looks to be a permanent fixture in the streetwear/fashion scene worldwide.

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