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News — FIFA World Cup

Cristinano Ronaldo Signs A $117M Deal With Juventus

Football heavyweight Cristiano Ronaldo has signed a USD $117 million deal with Juventus, leaving Real...

FIFA World Cup: Who Will Go Through To The Finals?

In the quarterfinals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup we saw four exceptional teams playoff...

England Go Through To The FIFA 2018 Quarter Finals

In an unexpected turn of events, England has ended their penalty curse and beaten Colombia...

Mexico Rejoices As Germany Fails Out Of The World Cup

Germany's resume comes down to a few key points: beer, design, soccer. It's time that...

FIFA Fans Are Draining Moscow Of Beer

Moscow is reportedly running low on beer, with some restaurants feeling the burn of the...

Everything You Need To Know About The FIFA World Cup 2018

FIFA Fever is upon us and it's not going anywhere. Let's go over everything you...

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