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News — LeBron James

LeBron James Won't Play For Team USA

Instead, he'll film the second 'Space Jam'.

LeBron Likes "Being Uncomfortable In The Offseason"

"I like being counted out. It motivates me."

LeBron James Weighs In On Big Baller Brand Controversy

LeBron James has come out in support of his LA Lakers teammate Lonzo Ball during...

LeBron James Was Playing Through 'Pain, Pain, Pain'

Hours after theĀ LakersĀ wereĀ eliminated from playoff contention, a Los Angeles physician namedĀ Dr. KarenĀ Joubert posted about LeBron...

Giannis & LeBron Out, NBA Heavyweights Injured

MVP front-runner Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks) and LeBron James (LA Lakers) both missed Tuesday night's...

LeBron Convinced Nike To Run The Kaepernick Ad?!

Reports have come in that the iconic Nike ad featuring Colin Kaepernick was in no...

LeBron Blamed For Hurting Lakers' Chemistry

LeBron James and the Lakers are struggling to climb their way back into post-season contention,and...

'Space Jam 2' Begins Filming This Summer, LeBron Confirms

During an All-Star Weekend interview, James confirmed that 'Space Jam 2', the sequel to Michael...

2Chainz & LeBron Are Set To Release Album

2Chainz has begun to reveal plans for his forthcoming LP, titled 'Rap or Go to...

NBA All-Star Weekend: Team LeBron Wins Over Giannis 178-164

Yesterday marked the date highly anticipated NBA All-Star Weekend Game in Charlotte between Team LeBron...

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