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The most dominant big man in NBA history Shaquille O'Neal (SHAQ), is coming to our Melbourne (25th) and Sydney (26th) stores this August, and with that Goat Crew has teamed up with Shaq in releasing a vintage-inspired graphic t-shirt collection!

The 4 Time NBA Champion, and Hall of Famer, is one of the biggest enigmas in the history of the NBA, with a larger than life personality. With Shaq being a G.O.A.T in so many facets of life, it was almost written in the stars for Goat Crew to link up with the big man in a vintage t-shirt capsule. 

 The capsule was inspired from his earlier days in the league when he blasted onto the scene at the Orlando Magic, where he was named Rookie of the Year in 1993, after a dominant 23 points, 14 rebounds and 3.5 blocks rookie season. 

I dont think we really need to say much more about Shaq though! The mans a legend! Lets check out the range!  

Goat Crew X Shaq Dunk Vintage T-Shirt

The Goat Crew designers went all out on this one with full frontal and back prints, featuring Shaq doing what he does best destroying backboards (dunking) finished off with his signature! 


 Goat Crew X Shaq Man Of Steel Vintage T-Shirt

 Inspired from the very popular sports bobble heads of the early 2000's (when Shaq was in his prime). The Man of Steel Vintage T-Shirt features Shaq as his famous bobble head, in a cartoon fashion. Check it out below. 

Goat Crew X Shaq Face Crewneck

Made famous through the big face Rodman tees, Goat Crew replicate the style with the Shaq Face Crewneck. Featuring a large front print of Shaq's head with his iconic #32.

Goat Crew X Shaq Slam World Is Mine Vintage T-Shirt

A collab within a collab, call it Inception.

Goat Crew pairs up with the iconic Slam magazine and Shaq, with this tee featuring his 1999 Slam cover! The garment features Shaq when he was on the La Lakers, where he tore up the league with the late Kobe Bryant! Check it out 

Goat Crew X Shaq Slam Staunch Shaquille O'Neal T-Shirt

The Staunch Shaquille O'Neal T-Shirt celebrates the living legend, with his 2001 Slam 54 Cover, with the man flexing his dominance over the league! 

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