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Mitchell & Ness has undoubtedly been a staple in streetwear culture for decades, being the perfect connector between Sport and Fashion

The History of Mitchell & Ness

In 1904, Frank P. Mitchell, a former wrestling and tennis champ, partnered with , Charles M. Ness, to form a sporting goods store in Philadelphia.

While they initially specialized items a person needed to play sports—like rackets and clubs—by 1925 they found themselves in the business of outfitting local high school, college, and semi-professional teams with uniforms.

Eight years later, the company received their first big break when they were selected by the newly formed Philadelphia Eagles to be their outfitter.

 After penetrating the NFL market, Mitchell & Ness continued their success in the professional realm by expanding into major league baseball, providing the uniforms for the Philadelphia Athletics in 1938 and the Philadelphia Phillies.

One of their first big breaks was when Big Boi, from legendary rap group OutKast was featured wearing an Atlanta Braves Mitchell & Ness Jersey, in their video clip “Skew it on the Bar-B". 

Seen on

Mitchell & Ness Jersey

Since that big break in 1998, Mitchell & Ness has become a staple in rap culture fashion, with the likes of Roddy Rich, DaBaby, Lil Mosey, Blueface, Lil Pump, Trippie Redd all rocking the iconic Mitchell & Ness jersey.

Below we see Roddy Rich in the Toronto Raptors Vince Carter '98-'98 #15 Swingman Jersey, Da Baby in the Mitchell & Ness 1992-93 Charlotte Hornets #2 Larry Johnson Teal Jersey and Blueface in the Mitchell & Ness Chicago Bulls #33 Scottie Pippen Independence Jersey. Culture Kings stock a large amount of vintage NBA jerseys - shop here

 Mitchell & Ness Hats

NBA, NFL and MLB hats have become a staple in streetwear culture and with Mitchell & Ness' Hat collection being so vast, they have been able to supply fans the hats they need.

Through the years, Mitchell & Ness hats have been spotted on some G.O.A.T's including Lebron James wearing a Mitchell & Ness Miami Head Hat , Lil Wayne wearing a  Mitchell & Ness Lakers Hat and wearing a Wiz Khalifa Mitchell & Ness Bulls Hat.

Culture Kings stock a significant amount of Mitchell & Ness hats - Shop Here

The Future 

Progressing into the future, Mitchell & Ness have started to branch out into other streams of fashion, past their iconic hats and jerseys. Including iconic collaborations with streetwear icons Supreme and their vast range of Vintage Tee's.


Supreme x Mitchell & Ness

Theres not many better collaborations out there, when 2 streetwear juggernauts combine, in Supreme x Mitchell & Ness. 

Culture Kings stock some of this exclusive collaboration, with the Supreme X Mitchell & Ness Patch Baseball Jersey These garments feature, Supreme branding and a patchwork design make the Supreme X Mitchell & Ness Patch Baseball Jersey an iconic piece. We've opened up our vault of rare and collectible Supreme items for you to cop online, including pieces that were previously only available in-store. As this is a limited consignment piece from a previously sold-out collection, this item is sold at the current market price usually above the original retail price. Get in fast as stock is super limited.



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