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Ty Dolla $ign Tried To Get A Blind Woman Moved On Flight

Ty Dolla $ign Tried To Get A Blind Woman Moved On Flight

Ty Dolla $ign has tried to get a blind woman moved out of her seat on an Air Canada flight after being allegedly allergic to her seeing-eye dog.  
Flying to Ottowa from Montreal for the Escapade Music Festival, Ty's travelling companion tried before takeoff to get the woman removed. She was sitting behind them with her dog and offered him an allergy pill which he refused as he had to perform. 

Air Canada asked if Ty had told the medical assistant desk about his allergy which he hadn't. Due to the woman having already had the dog accepted on the flight, she didn't have to move. They offered to move Ty but he refused that as well as he had paid for his seat. 


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Header image from Hot102.9.com

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