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Virgil Abloh's Jaw Dropped When He Heard Ye's New Album

Virgil Abloh's Jaw Dropped When He Heard Ye's New Album

One of Kanye's close friends, Off-White designer Virgil Abloh, had the chance to listen to a version of West's new album. In a recent interview with Gilles Peterson, Abloh spoke on how West has "dedicated his life" to honing in on the power of collaboration: "He's dedicated his life to sort of finding the melting pot but he does it with his eyes closed. It's an amazing sonic thing. ... You know, he's a producer, he produces clothing, he's a designer, he's an artist. But from someone that was so close to those albums in the past, it's intense."

He added: "His new record—without being sort of too, you know, speaking about another artist's work—the new one is absolutely insane production wise. You know, jaw dropped from the very first thing I heard all the way to the end. You know, a guy like Kanye West, you know, he's . . . a better artist because he's able to make it through [being where he's not supposed to be]."

Keep it on lock for more news as we get it - hopefully, the wait for 'Yahndi' won't be too long. 

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