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Will Smith Talks Drake, Meek Mill & Kanye West In Latest Interview

Will Smith Talks Drake, Meek Mill & Kanye West In Latest Interview

Will Smith, one of the most prolific rappers and actors of the 90s and early 200s, has opened up in a rare interview with Rap Radar. Talking all things music, 'Fresh Prince' and his 20-year marriage, Smith had a lot to say about Kanye, Drake and Meek in particular. 

Regarding Drake, who recently released his album 'Scorpion', Smith said: “Drake I think has had the most interesting success in the last four or five years. It’s so hard to sustain success today. The social media part of it is such a burn that it’s hard to sustain. The fact that Drake has been able to sustain is really interesting to me. It’s why I like working in the Instagram, 60-second format. You get to feed it, but you’re not burning 15, 18 minutes worth of content.”

On Meek Mill, Smith said: “I love the position that he has found himself in, that he’s embracing. Historically for the African American male, the road that he’s travelled has a beautiful historical pattern to it that is imbuing him with massive amount of power right now. He’s educating himself, and he’s taking a position in the world that I think is going to be life-changing for him. He has my full support. I want to see him win."

When asked to delve further, Smith continued that “in 2018, what makes a great emcee is the same thing that makes someone a great father, a great husband, a great politician, a great human being. It is your commitment to your personal evolution, your personal growth for the purpose of assisting others. “That’s what I love about Kanye right now. He’s willing to take the smashdown in order to push ideas. He’s making people think, even in the twisted, backhanded success of Donald Trump.”

The entire interview is available on Tidal. 


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