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Yeezy Vs. TMZ: Kanye Talks Drug Addiction And Plastic Surgery

Yeezy Vs. TMZ: Kanye Talks Drug Addiction And Plastic Surgery

Yes, we're back again with Yeezy news. No, it's not over. Kanye has once again got himself into drama, following his Twitter Tirade, his interesting new track and his Charlamagne The God Interview. This time, Ye rambled about some sensitive topics during an interview with TMZ. Read some of what he had to say...

"You can't tell me what I'm supposed to do ... I don't subscribe to icons. You take the Nazi symbol, if you go to India, it is all over the place, but it doesn't represent that. It represents something different. So to me to wear that [MAGA] hat means I want to make America great in my own way."

"Sometimes I feel like people try to minimize me to 'hip-hop,' 'artist,' 'black community'. Yeah, I am always going to represent that, but I also represent 'world'.

“People need to start worrying about themselves. If I go and grab some water out of the fridge and I am in the studio, I am not asking anybody if they want water. If you want water, you saw me grab the water. You grab your own water. We need to start worrying about ourselves and not worrying about what other people think, and we have the right to free thought.”

Kanye TMZ

Things got even more serious when Kanye began talking about his opioid addiction.
“You know when I went and visited [Trump] the first time right after the election? And then I deleted the tweets. I was drugged the fuck out. I was addicted to opioids. Two days after I got off opioids I am in the hospital ... Two days before I was in the hospital, I was on opioids. I was addicted to opioids.

"I had plastic surgery because I was trying to look good for y’all. I got liposuction because I didn't want y'all to call me fat like y'all called Rob [Kardashian] at the wedding and made him fly home before me and Kim got married. I didn't want y'all to call me fat, so I got liposuction and they gave me opioids [after]. I started taking two of them and then driving to work on the opioids.

During a rant from Ye about class war, TMZ interviewer Van Lathan interjected. 

"I actually don't think you're thinking anything. I think what you're doing right now is actually an afterthought. Kanye, you're entitled to your opinion, you're entitled to believe whatever you want, but there is fact and real-world, real-life consequence behind everything you just said. And while you are making music and being an artist and living the life that you've earned by being a genius, the rest of us in society have to deal with these threats to our lives."

"We have to deal with the marginalization that's come from the 400 years of slavery that you said for our people was a choice. Every day we have to walk into that truth while you choose to say things that, to be honest with you, dog, are nonsensical.You want to think freely, that's fine, I'll combat your free thought with my free thought because mine is grounded in a reality that I have been living and a reality that I am going to change, but I'm not gonna do it by pretending that the enemies are on the same team as me."

Kanye TMZ

"And frankly, I'm disappointed, I'm appalled, and brother, I am unbelievably hurt by the fact that you have morphed into something, to me, that's not real," he said.

Kanye replied to these statements with; "black people have a tendency to focus and march when a white person kills a black person or wears a hat, but when it is 700 kids being killed in Chicago, it's ok. It's ok for blacks to kill blacks!"

"That's a lie!" Lathan said. Kanye wanted to come closer to Lathan but asked "If I come over there, you're not going to fight me?" he asked. "I am not going to hit Kanye West on TMZ," Lathan replied.

"You gotta be responsible. Your voice is too big," Lathan finished. "There are people dedicating their lives to working throughout the problems of black people. There are black people every day, boots on the ground, they are all over the place working towards this," he said. "The narrative that black people don't care about black lives until a white person takes them is false. That is not true."

We're sure this won't be the end of the Kanye saga, so stay tuned for the latest as it hits. 

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